Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Gold Digging Salvatore Dalí

I noticed a story go by about the famous late artist Salvatore Dalí.

So apparently a judge in Spain has ordered that Dalí's body be exhumed for a DNA test from a lawsuit brought by one Pilar Abel. Ms. Abel claims that her mother was working as a maid in Dalí's house in 1955 and Dalí is her birth father. Salvatore Dalí died in 1989 with no children.

This case makes no sense. First of all what evidence is there of this paternity claim? Dalí is long dead. Abel seems to present some hearsay evidence which is inadmissible in court. There seems to be no physical or testimony of her claim. Why didn't Abel or her mother bring this case through all those years when Dalí was alive and could have defended himself.

Also Dalí left a will. So even if a DNA was established, since she isn't in the will what claim could she have to the Dalí estate?

Talk about gold digging, sheesh. Trying to literally extract resources from men that her mother supposedly slept with. From the defenceless corpse of Mr. Dalí. So much for Rest in Peace.

So much for consent. How could the dead consent to this indignity against the human body. Idiot judge. Who is paying for this exhumation anyway?

Well as a hedge while you're there once the body is up, see if there are some gold fillings in his teeth. Since his dead body is being literally mined for resources at this point. Take the resource extraction and gold digging from Dalí's corpse to its logical conclusion. Plus a hedge when the DNA test comes back negative, perhaps she can at least extract those resources off Dalí.

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