Friday, January 18, 2008

NFL divisionals

I caught most of the Cowboys - Giants game over the weekend. It wasn't a bad game I guess. I haven't watched very much football this year. Some years I watch a fair bit of football and some I don't watch very much. When I was young I watched a lot of football. I should try to watch some or most of the two games this weekend.

The divisional round is always my favorite weekend of the season. More than the conference championships this weekend or the Super Bowl. There have been some memorable games and plays during the divisionals. Maybe it's the big games on Saturday.

I went 3-0 in the divisionals on a Facebook play money sports betting site picking the Chargers, Giants and Patriots to win. Not too bad. I don't have any picks for the conference championship games. Now I feel like going onto Bodog and opening a real money account for sports betting. That will probably have to wait a bit though.

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