Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome back coach

I was glad to see that Tony Dungy has decided to return to coach the Colts for one more season. That guy is a real class act. Plus it was so satisfying last season when he beat the evil Patriots in the playoffs. Like most Jets fans I despise the Patriots and the Dolphins.

I'm cheering for the Giants in the big game. I don't really think they'll win. But nobody expected them to lose in the last week of the season by just 3 points to the Patriots so I'm hoping for at least an entertaining game. Who would have thought after week two this season that the Manning quarterbacking his team in the Super Bowl would be Eli.

I'm not into any type of Super Bowl party scene. Most years I just watch the game at my parents house and I'll probably do that this year. The thing about Super Bowl parties is that usually a lot of the people there don't care about football and it detracts from enjoying the game.

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