Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bought some pens

I went out and bought some pens. I found I was looking for pens at times so I just got some to sprinkle around so there should be one handy now.

I splurged a bit and bought some nice pens. I bought the Sanford uni-ball pen. These are quality pens. Made in Japan.

We used to have them in the office at work in the past, but then work cut back and stopped ordering them. I was looking for this pen because I really liked them when we had them in the past at work.

I ended up getting an 8 pack of pens. I got them at Staples. I didn't really need an 8 pack but that was the only box size so that was what I got. It was $10 for the box, so around $1.25 per pen.

It's a little bit pricey, since you can buy pens 10 for $1. However I feel it is a good purchase. The bic and paper mate pens cost 10 cents each for a reason. They are cheap, made in China. The hard plastic is cheap and uncomfortable to write with. The uni-ball feel pleasant to write with and the ink flows easier and looks better.

The box of pens should be good for around 5 years. So the $10 expense over 5 years is like $2 a year. For the amount of writing you do around the home for lists, cheques, forms, letters, notes, messages, all kinds of stuff it is worth $2 a year to have quality pens.

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