Saturday, February 07, 2009

ads we should't be seeing?

Lately there's been a couple of ads refused to be shown. Judge for yourself I guess. Paternalism seems to be in high gear these days.

First the Ashley Madison commercial which CTV would not show during the Super Bowl.

It didn't seem that bad to me.

Then there's the Halifax Metro transit atheist ad story. The ad Metro Transit doesn't want you to see can be found here.

That doesn't seem all that bad to me either. They are just expressing an opinion and not attacking anyone else. You're free to ignore it or disagree. The Metro Transit sales team doesn't exactly sell out 100% of the ad space on their buses so they should be happy for the business. I don't see any harm in the ad as written. At least I know what this ad is about unlike those silly Alesse ads I had no idea what that was for like years.

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