Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl at Kokomo's

It's becoming a Super Bowl tradition. This year I went to Kokomo's for the Super Bowl. I also went there last year. It was the same friend I went there with last year. We live nearby and didn't have any plans, plus we know the owner of Kokomo's from back in high school.

It was a good time there again. The Budweiser rep was there with some Bud girls for eye candy. They had a fun relay type game at half time which I got drafted into.

The Bud rep was pretty cool. We got talking about pro line somehow. He said he beat pro line NFL this season for around 100% profit on the money wagered. Most weeks he lost but he had 3-4 really big weeks during the season to make a healthy profit overall. He said he studies the games in detail including injury reports to come up with picks. I've always thought pro line was beatable. So if you are willing to put in the time to do some homework with a system that works I'm pretty sure it can be beaten. Although I've never actually tried to myself. Maybe I should look into it some time.

As usual with the Labatt/Bud rep there were some draws and door prizes. I did even better than last year. I ended up getting a beer glass, a t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, a toque and a football jersey.

The crowd there was a bit less than last year. They had had a big UFC pay per view there the night before so it's generally the same people who go to both. I mentioned before the Kokomo's is a great place to watch UFC pay per view if you're looking for a bar to catch UFC at. Also last year there was a large number of Patriots fans. The Patriots fans in Halifax are notoriously fairweather so without them in the final they quickly lose interest in football.

The game was of course great. It looked like the Steelers were going to cruise to a comfortable win a couple of times. But Warner, Fitzergerald and Darnell Dockett had so much determination and courage the Cards nearly won it. Another excellent Super Bowl. The last several years have produced a few close, exciting games.

Maybe I'll drop in at Kokomo's a bit more this year.

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