Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicago tea party

This is excellent. Rick Santelli's rant.

Even better it looks like there's some momentum for a Chicago tea party in July. That would be so cool. I'm not American but I'd still like to be there for it.

+1 for Santelli for someone going on tv and actually telling the truth. I think that's about the first time since this whole thing started 2 years ago that someone stood up for the real little guy. The little guy who lived within his means, saved, and was responsible. I like to hope that is still the majority but I'm not sure any more.

Regarding the bailouts. It's incredible that those who benefited the most from the bubble years 2001-2007 and awarded themselves all those billions in salary and bonuses now are demanding and getting taxpayer bailouts. This is a breathtaking looting and transfer of wealth.

Back to the tea party. That would be so fine to get a good crowd there. With the real great thinkers of today Santelli, Denninger, Keith. It would be cool to be part of what might be history. And to meet up with some like minded thinkers, people who get it, would be a real treat.

The last opportunity I had to be part of history was in 1996 during the Quebec referendum. This guy John in the PRIOR office sent out this e-mail titled "If you care be there". There was some shenanigans where for the absurdly low price of like $100 you could get from Halifax to Montreal to be part of that massive and historic pro-Canada rally. I'll give John credit, he did go and the separatists lost. They cried foul about that Montreal rally but c'est la guerre.

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