Monday, March 23, 2009

Nova Scotia Museum of Industry

It was March break last week. As usual there was a March break hockey tournament for my son's atom hockey team. The tournament was scheduled until the Wednesday. As it happened the team didn't advance to the semi finals so they were done Tuesday afternoon after their third game.

So that left Wednesday as a free day. The tournament was in West Hants so we'd been driving up the 102 highway on Monday and Tuesday. Maybe driving up the 102 made me think of continuing on to the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry in Stellarton. That's what we decided to do on Wednesday.

It was a good drive up, around 90 minutes straight there. I'd drove past the industry museum a couple of times over the years going to or back from Cape Breton. I'd always wanted to go there. It was good there, worth the trip.

There were a lot of good displays, inventions and things made in Nova Scotia. Plus the old dam with running water originally from the Halifax museum is now there. That was one of my favorites from the Halifax museum and it was nice to see it after all these years. On the top floor there is an interesting display of the history of mining in the area and the sacrifices the miners made over the years in the major mining disasters.

After Truro it is around a half hour on the trans Canada highway. Going on the trans Canada is always a big treat for me. I hadn't been on the trans Canada in a few years. I always like going on the trans Canada, especially the Truro junction: right to Cape Breton, left to New Brunswick and the West. I've always wanted to drive across Canada. I probably never will if I haven't done it yet; but it would be nice to at least go to BC some day and see the Pacific Ocean.

We were at the museum for a little over an hour. On the way back we stopped at McDonald's in Truro for lunch. We probably would have gone a few feet further ahead to Burger King if we'd noticed they have a big play place there too. We usually like BK better but the McD was fine.

It was too bad the hockey team was knocked out of the tournament but it turned out OK since it freed up the chance to go to the museum together. It was a good time and I'm glad we went. I may go back some day.

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