Friday, March 06, 2009

snack lunch dinner

We don't get as much free food with my current job as I did with my last employer. Sometimes I miss the every 2nd Friday lunches.

But this week has been busy with food. There were some meetings with people down from head office. Plus this is a a milestone time in the Halifax office so we marked that as well.

On Wednesday we brought in pizza at lunch. It was a meeting with the head office people so we had lunch during the meeting. The pizza was pretty good.

Thursday in the morning it was cake cookies and coffee in the morning to mark the milestone. That was good. The cookies were fresh baked and warm.

Then on Thursday evening we went out to the Waterfront Warehouse for dinner. I like downtown Halifax and it was pretty good there. It was a bit drafty at the start but they lit a fire in the big fireplace which was right next to our table. I ordered the Chicken Peppercorn Carbonara Fettuccine which was OK. But if I went back I might get something different.

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