Monday, March 30, 2009

New hockey stick

At my ball hockey league there's a new rule from the gym where we play. We have to switch sticks. No more wood or composite blades allowed.

I was using an old Mylec stick anyway so technically I was OK. Still I realized it was time to get a new stick. The stick I was using is old and getting beat up. I can keep it as a backup and for the occasional outside play. But I needed a new stick. I don't know when I bought that Mylec stick. More than 10 years ago I suspect.

The instruction from the league is to use the ABS blades. There weren't a whole lot of them around but I did find one. I got a Easton Synergy ABS stick. It's blue which is different for me. It looks pretty good. I ended up getting it at SportChek in Dartmouth Crossing. First I was in Bayers Lake at Cleve's and SportChek but they didn't have it. The SportChek guy in Bayers Lake was pretty useful. He called the other locations in town and told me they had it in Dartmouth Crossing.

It was $30 which isn't too bad. The prices on some sticks have gone crazy over the last few years. And more and more of them are made in China now, so buyer beware. The Easton is made in Canada so that's great. This should last me the rest of this season and beyond. There's about a month left of ball hockey and then I'll have to figure out a plan for the spring and summer.

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