Monday, September 28, 2009

Got a haircut

I got a haircut the past weekend.

This time I did something a bit different with it. For years I've been in a holding pattern of getting the hair cut really short and then letting it grow out for as long as I can until it becomes too long and I have to get a big chop again.

This optimizes on cost and as part of that I would always go to low cost hair cutters like first choice and wal-mart.

But this time I did something a bit different. I went to the Head Shoppe. I went to Rockingham Ridge where I'd never been before. It was a far better experience than the discount haircutters. I walk in and there's a comfortable blue padded bench to sit on. Cool. And there was a newspaper there and they offered me a coffee.

The hairdresser seemed pretty good. She seemed to take a bit more time to do a good job and I thought it turned out ok. A challenge is that I'm not sure what I want to do with it so I couldn't give her much instruction to go on.

I was a bit surprised at the cost when it was done. It was only $25. I was expecting it to be a more, like upwards of $30+. Considering it was a much better experience than the discount places. The thing about first choice/wal mart is that their prices have edged up in the last year. It's now like $18 to go to wal mart anyway for a very fast and low quality haircut. So in a way for only $7 I can get a quality haircut since I would have had to spend the $18 anyway for a mediocre haircut. So from that standpoint it's good value for the approx. $7 marginal cost.

So that's the change I've decided to make with haircuts. I'm going to go to a classier place and get a regular stylist and go on more of a regular schedule. The stylist said most guys come in around every 5 or 6 weeks. I set another appointment for 6 weeks which seems about right to start. It's a small change of allowing expenses to increase a little bit after paying off the debts.

I haven't had a regular hairdresser since the late 90s back at fantastic sams in the clayton park mall. The stylist was someone I'd gone to high school with. She actually had to tell me we had been classmates since I didn't remember her from Halifax West. I didn't have much awareness back in high school of most of the people in my classes. I think the girls paid more attention to who was who. I looked her up on facebook but she isn't in that business now.

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