Monday, September 21, 2009

WWE in Halifax

I caught the WWE RAW show in Halifax over the weekend. It was a very good show. Lots of well known wrestlers competed. The action was very good.

I went with my older son. We had pretty good lower bowl seats. It was a good view. There was a good crowd there. Nearly full I would say. Around 8000+ if I had to estimate. It was strange though the concessions weren't all open. We wanted to get the nachos but they weren't even open. They lost money by not being there for the event.

I got a DX shirt for my son. He picked it out. We were a bit lucky to get one of the final ones in his size.

I don't often watch RAW. I prefer Friday Night SmackDown. Still I knew who most of the competitors were. I didn't realize how many John Cena fans there are. The place went crazy when he came out for the main event. It was an exciting match and he beat Randy Orton to keep the WWE title. Cena is entertaining.

WWE hadn't been in Halifax in around 6 years. I hope they come back again sooner. It was a good time seeing it live.

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