Monday, October 26, 2009


I switched laundry detergent recently. I had been using Gain for around 2 years. I switched to liquid tide.

I'd used the tide in the past, over 10 years ago. I always thought it was better. But it does cost a bit more. I was pretty happy with Gain as it did a good job. When I was at Costco I decided to get the tide again.

The tide does a good job. It does come out cleaner and brighter than gain. However gain has a nice scent and the original tide is pretty much unscented.

At costco everything is large size. The tide is about a 100 load jug. I found it hard to cart it to the laundry room. Plus the measuring cap was a separate cup which didn't drain back into the jug. So that was messy and wasteful and not very good.

So I went and bought the smallest size liquid tide I could find. I picked it up at zellers. The smaller size is of course lighter and the measuring cap pours back into the container. That's a nice invention the measuring cap draining back in. So I'll use the small size tide and just refill it from the large container.

I do around 2 loads of laundry a week. So I should be set with detergent for around a year or so.

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