Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I took my car in for an oil change recently. I got a bit more work done too. The mechanic recommended a transmission flush earlier so I got that done.

All together it came in a bit under $200. Oh well sometimes oil changes end up being expensive. I still have a power steering flush to do next time I have the car in. Which will be in a little while for the winter tires.

All in all the 2005 civic is running well. So I'm glad of that. Although this time as part of their courtesy check they said there might be an alternator problem. They'll recheck next time and if the reading is the same then I'll have to get that replaced too.

The car has 108,000 km so I guess stuff will break more frequently now. Still it's expensive taking care of these things. It will be good to get this vehicle paid off. A little under a year now and that will be done.

In the future I'll aim to avoid 5 year financing, even if the interest is quite favorable. My recent and ongoing experiences demonstrate it's better to get the vehicle paid off before it gets too many years/kms and maintenance costs start to jump. Still it sucks to think there's people out there with 6 and even 7 year vehicle loans.

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