Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 plans

I'm not going to do resolutions for 2010. Back to the older tradition.

I don't really agree with resolutions in a way because you can make positive changes at any time. Why wait for the new year?

Also resolutions are more like things you need to start on right away like quit smoking, lose weight, join a gym, etc. For 2010 I'm thinking more of things I should do during the year but generally not right away in January.

It's nice to be at a point where I can look ahead and think in time scales of months and even years. The month to month and cheque to cheque scrambling of the past made it difficult to impossible to focus on more than the immediate issues.

Of course the economy remains precarious so we don't know what upheavals may still happen which would turn everything upside down. So of course there may still be radical unplanned changes in direction. I don't really have much control over that so I can hope that things remain stable as they have been but need to be prepared for the unexpected.

I did ok on my 2009 resolutions It was a stay the course year and things were pretty stable; which is good. No major life or career changes in 2009. Sometimes you need to just pause a bit after years of upheaval. And the steady state is great if you're in a positive situation.

I did manage to eliminate all of the consumer debt in 2009. So that was a good accomplishment. For 2010 the remaining debt on the Honda will be paid off on its own around September. So then I'll be more truly debt free. So I'm looking forward that.

After a fairly quiet 2009 I expect some more changes in 2010. There is an Important Matter that needs to be dealt with; really in the first half of the year. With the consumer debt now gone it would be nice to move. I'd like to get a bigger, nicer apartment in the neighbourhood close to where I am right now.

I should take a proper summer vacation in 2010. Travel would be nice as well to PEI or Ottawa.

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