Wednesday, March 24, 2010

so glad I'm not in Ottawa any more

I wasn't real surprised to hear about the Ann Coulter fiasco at the university of Ottawa. Why would they even invite or allow her to speak there in the first place if they were just going to act like that. What a bunch of idiots.

I'm embarrassed by it and I hope most people in Canada are embarrassed by it. But I doubt if Ottawa gets it. They are instead basking in their big win over the American infidel. UOttawa is an Ottawa kind of university in an Ottawa kind of town. Jean Chretien got an honorary PhD there and Alan Rock is the president.

It's not like we have freedom of thought in Canada, as UOttawa none too subtly reminds everyone. Code words like "diversity" and "tolerance" are reserved for those who toe the popular, official, Ottawa approved, politically correct line. If you have the wrong view your kids can be taken away; or Francois Houle will threaten you with being arrested and jailed. I guess it's easier and less risky to just threaten, intimidate, and silence your opponents than to engage in a civilized, honourable debate.

Good career move by the most visible and prominent organizers who silenced Ann and ran her out of town. They are now on the inside track for jobs at the Ottawa Citizen, human rights commission, department of justice, UOttawa itself, parliamentary staff, and hundreds of taxpayer funded Ottawa institutes that are a comfortable haven for their ideological fellow travelers.

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