Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I bought some razor blades over the weekend. I wanted to upgrade from the low end blue ones I've been using for a couple of years that are 10 pack for $2 on special at Sobeys.

I looked at sensor Excel, a favorite from like 1996, at price club. But at $1.70 each it was just too expensive. I went to wal mart and trac II at $1.40 each, ouch. I ended up getting good news disposable. It should be an upgrade and at around $0.50 each I've allowed the cost to double but it is an upgrade. I can't believe there are at least two models more expensive than sensor excel. Who buys these? wow. Maybe in the future I'll indulge to the superior sensor excel but it will have to be a more gradual path from here to there.

I went back to inkjet exchange for some more ink for my printer on Saturday. On the way on the radio I heard a bunch of portland street honda ads. Under new management after Gil and Maureen retired, they seem to be repositioning themselves as credit rebuilders, that's icky. With Gil it was classy and they wouldn't touch that segment. Which made it a better, cleaner shopping experience there. I wonder if Honda is pleased to see their brand now associated with credit rebuilders at a flagship dealer, somehow I doubt it.

Big score apparently for the Mossad in Dubai. I've always been something of an admirer and I'm somehow pleased to see they are still an international force. Years ago I read By Way of Deception and it was a good book.

Finally a bit scary but entertaining YouTube clip. I can only admire this guy.

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