Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Breach by Patrick Lee

I just finished another book. It was The Breach by Patrick Lee. It was a very entertaining book and a fast read. Some great plot twists to keep the reader interested. It's the story of a high energy physics experiment in 1979 gone awry which opens up a mystic portal to an unseen other world. From this portal comes various objects, tools and gadgets that can do mostly evil on humanity. The story is about a particular powerful and generally malevolent entity called the Whisper and the battle between "Tangent" and "hostiles" around possession and control of Whisper.

The main character is a tough ex-cop turned murderer Travis Chase just out of jail on a hiking trip to find himself in remote Northern Alaska. He makes an incredible discovery and gets tangled up in the drama around Whisper. The bodies pile up fast in this book and Travis gets his share of the action. It was a good book it reminded me of the nearly believable scientific style of Michael Crichton and intrigue storytelling a bit like Frederick Forsyth.

There are apparently a series of Travis Chase titles of which The Breach is one. I hope the library has the others since I'd like to read them too.

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