Saturday, April 03, 2010


My taxes are now done and mailed. Hopefully will hear back positively in 3-4 weeks. I calculated a refund so hopefully that will materialize. I did my own taxes this year for a change, first time since like 2003 or so. After last year with HR block I noticed my tax situation is considerably less complicated than in previous years. Indeed it was pretty straightforward if not time consuming to do them myself. It was satisfying though to be able to do my own again.

Last weekend I caught Asia&NuGruv at the Red Fox. They were really good and entertaining. Well worth the $5 cover. And happy birthday Neala. I've never seen that many people at the Fox. It was Tony who called me to say he was heading down. It's good to still have a few friends who I hear from occasionally. Although I'm pretty neglectful and seldom contact them to do anything. And the tall lead singer on that band is just smoking hot. Asia herself isn't too bad either.

At the Fox Tony mentioned he's interested in getting out to play tennis. All right, I've wanted to play for a while. I've got a couple of rackets, including my Prince racket from a yard sale a while back. So when it warms up a bit more I should make an effort to hit again for the first time in like forever. I last played tennis with Tony we were semi-regulars in high school through to around 1990 or so. This might be all I need to get moving on tennis again, plus a new can of Penn or Wilson tennis balls.

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