Friday, April 02, 2010

people of Nova Scotia - just say no to taxpayer funded marijuana

I don't subscribe to the Comical Herald but I did happen to see the story of Sally Campbell. sigh.

Ms. Cambell just won a lawsuit ordering the Nova Scotia department of social services to pay for her medical marijuana. I look at this and I just can't countenance it. Here's Sally's story.

  • long term welfare recipient
  • multiple significant health problems treated by the people of Nova Scotia at no expense to Ms. Campbell including hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, liver disease and disc degeneration
  • existing drug costs already picked up by the people of Nova Scotia
  • her lawsuit against the province was from legal aid, a government funded entity
I mean where does it end? How much can the people of Nova Scotia be asked to do for Sally Campbell? Now we have to pay for her marijuana too? When can we draw the line and say sorry, we just can't afford it.

Given we have a $1.5 million per day defecit in Nova Scotia in my opinion it is incredibly selfish of Ms. Campbell and her legal aid lawyer to be trying to impose new expenses at this time. We can't even afford what we're doing today. sigh, the whole thing is failing.

The government on behalf of the people should not be paying for marijuana for welfare recipients. There has to be a limit. We have to set a boundary somewhere. Let Sally buy her own dope or go without. It should also be made legal to grow her own.

The statute should be amended to specifically exclude marijuana or the government should set the decision aside with POGG in the public interest.

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Anonymous said...

Well since I heard what you had to say, then I guess you get to hear what I have to say. Some folks make comments about topics they know nothing about and it really makes them sound ignorant, even when they think they are showing their intelligent side. If you don't know what you are talking about, keep your ignorant side hidden by keeping your comments to your self.