Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Is Stephen Harper the next Kim Campbell?

On the federal side there's a bunch of noise lately about the Conservative government displeasing certain vocal activitsts.

Harper declines to use the people's tax money to pay for third world abortions. Defies "Fat Hillary" thuggishly coming onto our turf to try to shake us down on it.

There was some flap about the federal government declining to sponsor a gay fest in Montreal. That is of course the domain of the province and the city to sponsor if they choose. This is not a federal matter.

Some noise about gay language removed from some immigration pamphlet or something.

Some discussion about an enemy fighter who apparently died on the battlefield in Afghanistan while trying to kill Canadian soldiers; it's some problem with it or some such. whatever

So far Harper has been on the correct side of these issues. Wisely defying the media and the Liberal/NDP elites. Still Harper doesn't have much room for error here. He's in real danger of becoming the next Kim Campbell.

Like Campbell, Harper has already betrayed his fiscal conservative base with disgraceful defecits and bailouts for the undeserving financial sector. So having failed on that side he needs to distinguish himself and his party somehow from the Liberal/NDP or his voters will stay home or take their votes elsewhere. After all it was Paul Martin and the Liberals who showed Kim Campbell the door and got the federal finances back in order.

That said Harper is old school National Citizens Coalition/Reform Party so he's miles away from Campbell philosophically. Still he needs to keep his eye on the ball; stand your ground on key social issues, show some real progress to getting the nation's finances back in order.

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