Tuesday, May 25, 2010

racing at Kartbahn

I went racing with the kids a couple of times recently. It was at Kartbahn in Bayers Lake. The kids had been asking to go for a while. I wasn't sure if they were old enough yet but they did fine.

I was last at Kartbahn over 10 years ago when it was in the north end Halifax. It is a much improved facility since then. The track is better. The gas engines have been replaced with electric charged battery which makes the air much cleaner at the indoor track. A simple but effective safety improvement is to put the plastic side coverings so that the wheels are now no longer exposed. There's now computer tracking your lap times with a printout at the end. That's pretty cool use of technology.

It was a lot of fun. Now the kids always want to go there. We'll be back for sure as a regular place to visit.

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