Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the wrong track

Well bad news on the doorstep all this week.

In Europe they come up with yet another trillion bailout. This time for Greece and it's equally irresponsible neighbours. So now Greece won't have to raise the retirement age over 53 after all. Rioting with a cute dog pays.

So where did the trillion come from? Was there some vault with a trillion Euros in it? I doubt it, the socialist government spending machine would have consumed the tril if it actually existed. Nope since Germany was involved the money bomb would have to be the from the printing press. You would think the Germans of all people would see the danger in printing. Oh well America and everyone else prints so whatever, let's kick the can one more time.

I was shocked to hear the RCMP is not interested in investigating a $30 million mortgage fraud scheme. So let me get this straight. If a Canadian wishes to grow some weed in his basement for his private personal use that's a crime and off to jail. There's police resources and jail space for that, but not for multi million dollar crime schemes. Disgraceful! Check out the Pakistani straw buyer and his wife, not to mention the India born Conservative MP are untouchable.

We're failing. In New Brunswick a school principal bans O Canada at the request of anti-Canadians and didn't even lose his job or be disciplined for it. The only one who got in any trouble over that matter was the brave patriot who burst into the principals office and threatened him and ran him out of town. At least someone stood up for the country, its flag and its anthem.

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