Monday, July 12, 2010

got the apartment

Heard from the super this morning. He said the application went through and I'll be getting the place.

He's got some work to do on it that was in progress when I was there to look at it. A new floor for a bedroom. New paint on the walls.

He said he'll call next week with the plans for the lease and when the place will be ready. Possibly before August. No big rush since I still have to put in notice where I'm at.

So now lots of stuff to plan for the move. Insurance, utilities, time off work, the move itself.

I was thinking it over a bit more and I kind of realized it might be easiest to just use the movers to move everything. I was definitely getting them to move the furniture and heavy items anyway so the marginal cost of getting them to haul the boxes as well would probably be very little.

I suspect it only makes sense to move the lighter boxes yourself if you have access to a truck or panel van. If you have to rent a vehicle which I would have to then that would wipe out any savings over the marginal extra cost of getting the pro movers to just take them. Plus it would be so much easier and fast. It's not worth going through some big hassle to try to save $100.

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