Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RRSP contribution

Some good news at work recently. The matching RRSP has been increased from 3% to 4% of salary.

I signed up immediately and went from 3% to now 4%. As noted before this is a great deal. For every $1 I put into the RRSP my employer throws in $1. Then I get a tax refund on the contribution. Plus whatever the RRSP investments are able to get.

So for every dollar I spend my personal wealth increases by about $2.50. That's a great deal for me. So with 4% out of paycheque going to RRSP and 4% matching I'm now saving around 8% of my pay. That's not bad. Still I'm interested in other investments outside of RRSP some higher risk or non traditional ventures perhaps.

With the matching I revisited my investments allocation on Manulife. I decided again to adjust it to a bit more conservative. Since I'm getting 100% anyway on investment because of employer matching there's a case for preserving that gain. Plus I might be more willing to take risks in non registered schemes.

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