Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I bought a dehumidifier a couple of weeks ago. Due to unexpected events in the community I didn't get around to unboxing and plugging it in until last weekend.

I got it at Sears. The salesman was pretty helpful and useful. A fit, confident, well tanned man over 6 feet tall. It was around 11 AM on a Saturday morning and it was still pretty quiet in that area. He's a big ticket salesman so I wasn't expecting much of his or anyone's attention. But with no one else around he was pretty helpful. It was a Danby marked down to $240 to $200 then with a $20 scratch and win at the register. He'd told a coworker while I was checking out he'd sold a 12 foot pool the day before. He probably made more commission off that pool than the entire purchase price of my item. But I hope he did get at least a little bit off the dehumidifier.

The unit is running pretty well so far. I was surprised at the features on a low end $200 machine. It has a few controls I'm getting used to how to operate it. My new place on the 1st floor is noticeably damp and it has been running pretty much since I plugged it in. Last night I ran it during the night for the first time but it was a bit glitchy as it stopped and restarted around the target humidity a couple of times which I didn't care for. I might set it to run more aggressively during the day and leave it off at night. I'll see what happens.

It's been a pretty good purchase so far. As usual Sears is great for this type of thing.

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