Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sears card

I now have a Sears card.

I didn't set out yesterday to get a new credit card. I was at Sears looking for a belt. I've needed a black belt for some time. I saw one I liked, two sided black and reddish brown. It was $30 with a 25% sale discount.

When I got to the cashier the clerk told me the discount is if you pay with your Sears card. I wasn't upset, I hadn't read the sale sign carefully. I just shrugged and paid cash. As I was leaving I mentioned I should get a card for these types of specials.

The clerk told me I could get a card right there at the customer service desk in just a few minutes. I figured if I could save $7.50 for a few minutes of my time that was a good investment. So I did the application which was very fast and virtually nothing to fill out. A few moments later it came back and I had a new card.

The clerk refunded the original cash purchase. When I re-bought the belt I got the $7.50 discount. Plus apparently there's a $10 discount on your initial Sears card purchase. So instead of paying around $34 for the belt I ended up spending $15. That was pretty good for just a few minutes of my time.

I was a bit surprised at the credit limit. I was expecting to get around $500 or $1000 perhaps. It instead came in at $4000. Either Sears thinks well of me or they are reckless and a bunch of fools. The $4K limit is more than my Visa and MasterCard limits combined. I don't anticipate I'll use it but I guess it's nice that it's there.

Although I've been meaning to ask Visa at least for a limit increase. I think the rules are different now they cannot auto increase credit limits; customers have to ask for an increase. Which is annoying and a hassle. I have to call them to register my upcoming address change so maybe I'll ask then.

Now I have to go through some steps to set up this new card with my President's Choice financial and epost. And of course pay the $15. It's a bit strange I never really thought I'd ever have a Sears card.

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