Friday, August 13, 2010

TD visa limit increase

I got a periodic call from TD at work this week. They follow up a lot whenever you do anything in a branch or on the web site. My most recent activity was an address change to my new place off their website. It went fine.

So as usual the rep was going over products; suggesting I could switch my GM card to a travel plan or some cashback card or whatever. She also mentioned I could move my savings into some other products. I politely declined.

But while she was on the phone I remembered I had been meaning to ask for a limit increase on my GM card. The rules in Canada are different now. In the past the bank would just increase the card limit on their own once in a while. Which was convenient. Anyway now the rules are the customer has to seek and consent to a credit limit increase.

So I took the opportunity to ask for a limit increase. I thought it might go through they were calling to seek new business from me. I asked for $1000 more. After a few moments I guess the big mainframe computer said OK and now my limit on the card is up to $2500 from the previous $1500. Even after being approved the rep still had to ask and I had to consent to the limit increase.

So that's about right. It's kind of moot at the moment since I have no balance on that card or any credit card. But for whatever reason I like having it there. That should be good enough for now. Maybe around this time next year I'll seek another increase, see what happens between now and then.

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