Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May run

Well another Victoria Day weekend has passed. It was an ok weekend. got talking to my son's friend's dad who I've known a few years. we agreed it isn't like the old days camping and partying this weekend. but that's what it is. we had our era and we have to yield the stage for the next group, just like the groups before us moved on.

there were some interesting may run. 1989 in Kedge was a good one. 1990 PEI was cold and bad. still some pics from that weekend around. it was a good era the camping age around 1989-1993 Hubbards, parlee beach. a couple of my friends from those camping days have their own cottages now. they've done well for themselves and good for them.


well I guess everyone has some thoughts on Arnold and Maria. I remember back when she was on NBC I could convince myself that Maria was somewhat attractive. But she just looks scary in the recent photos. It's pretty bad she looks like that considering how much she must spend on hair, makeup and clothes. ouch.

I don't see why Arnold would take a break from acting. After all these kids aren't some new recent development so it's really kind of w/e. Plus like actors/athletes/politicians/rockers taking advantage to partake of all the action offered is hardly anything unusual or some big deal. 


I've still got some work to do on the personal side. I misjudged a situation and got burned for it. as usual the hard part will be following through.

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