Sunday, May 29, 2011

RRSP contribution

Some more good news on the investing front recently. At work my employer has extended RRSP matching to 5%, up from 4%. It was advertised in advance and I signed up for it from day one.

As I've written before 100% employer matching is an incredibly good deal for the employee. I basically get a 100% return on whatever of my own money I put in due to the matching, plus the extra income tax refund, plus whatever the investment funds can yield.

Of course this does cause a decrease in my take home pay so I'll have to absorb that into my monthly budgets. Still it's definitely worth doing. I wish I had reached this point about 15 years ago but it's good to get there now. Who knows maybe someday I'll retire.

I had mentioned in the past about doing some alternative type business investments. Those haven't quite materialized yet but I'm still on the lookout and I've still got some ideas.


Speaking of money. I had a strange experience recently my TD Visa was declined at chapters. Well that was weird, and embarrassing. I checked online and as I thought no recent purchases and full $2500 balance available. I thought it might be about playstation network or something. I called customer service and it turned out the old GM card was replaced with a drivers reward card. Somehow they didn't mail me a new card and GM cards are no longer being accepted. New one in the mail so that should be straightened out again.


I went to the new swimming pool in Halifax this weekend. The Canada Games Centre is very nice. The big yellow slide is now open and that was fun. For unknown reason the blue straight down inside slide is still not open so that was a bit disappointing. I wonder what the story is on that. Still a nice visit but I'm not used to swimming and my eyes are a bit sore from the chlorine.


So I have a new phone number. Well at least I'm not at my parent's phone number and haven't been in well let's say a few years. My dad said he was awakened at 3:45 this morning a garbled drunken phone call someone whose name he couldn't make out looking for me. I'm glad he declined to give my current number or I would have probably been awakened then too. Anyway if you don't have my current number just type in my name on facebook and I'm right there. Oh well I wonder who it was. He probably regrets it today.


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