Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Canada election

That turned out about as well as could be hoped for.

Harper majority. The Bloc wiped out good riddance. Ruby Dhalla and C-428 gone won't be missed.

So with a majority what's the plan? Here's some suggestions.

First 30 days

repeal the long gun registry. We want it g-o-n-e gone. That's like day 1.

repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act link. better yet repeal the entire act and shut down the federal human rights commission. we already have human rights as defined in the Constitution so we don't need extra "rights" or "courts" to enforce these rights. but let's start with section 13 and restore free speech

first 6 months

eliminate irresponsible 35 year mortgages

over 4 years

eliminate the deficit

eliminate all sovereign debt denominated in other nations currencies including US$, yen, euros, yuan, etc.

chopper in the air. 50 EH-101 or whatever the state of the art is today that can be designed and built in Canada

dramatically streamline the process for refusing entry, and removing terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, criminals from our land. the situation with the al Qaeda mosque in Montreal is terrible. If even spineless Germany kicked out Mohamedou Ould Salahi then certainly Canada should not have been willing to harbour him.

determine a credible succession plan, energetic new leader, and be ready to face the electorate

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