Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Remarkable that Vancouver got to here. They score 8 times in 6 games, have their own goalie yanked 3 times (well he should have been yanked in game 3), and still they managed to somehow win 3 of the games. Are they the team of destiny or is their luck about to run out?

Like Boston going into game 6 I don't think the Canucks are in terrible shape going into #7. Back home they have been invincible. They wisely got Luongo out early in #6 so he will probably be fresh and focused for #7. When he's on he can be superb, as good as Thomas. Game 6 was closer than the score when you consider soft goals at their end, Thomas making some big saves to keep them from getting back in the game, plus clanging the post a couple of times, that could have easily been a very tight 4-3 type game.

I'm not going to make a prediction. Just hoping for an exciting game.

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