Friday, June 17, 2011

Congrats Bruins

Very well done Boston Bruins. They just took it away in games 6-7. A talented and character team that overcame a lot to win it.

Well I guess everyone has heard of the riots after the game. Here are my comments.

first of all there is no difference between the Vancouver and Toronto G20 riots. None at all. It's the same perps, criminal opportunists, ne'er do wells, trash and lowlife, drunks, people who enjoy the thrill and excitement of being in a riot. I'm sure there were people who even participated in both G20 and Vancouver. As expected they targeted the shops with jewelry and high end cosmetics for their "anger" and "protest".

at least the Vancouver regular folks learned a bit from Toronto and actually tried to intervene (a little bit at least) and disrupt the criminal rioters. good move, it's your city take it back, it's worth fighting for. what the spineless Toronto citizens did to passively stand by and do nothing (except take pictures, encourage the rioters, and impede the police) was the real national disgrace and embarrassment. there's still work to do but when the good guys outnumber the bad 50:1 then with any will or courage at all then the evildoers can be stopped

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