Tuesday, September 06, 2011


So now it's really September. Post labour day, schools are geared up, July/August silly season is done at work with 25-50% of staff out on a given day. Will be steady until December.

Starting to notice a bit cooler in the evening. I remember I used to like September years ago. Maybe I cared more about the NFL starting then. Now I find it a bit sad, the passing of another summer over too soon.

Still September is a new start, more so than new year which is like in the dead of winter. What can you effectively gear up or change in January? No wonder so many new years resolutions fail. Lots happened between last September and today. Some good, some not so good. None of it I would have even predicted or saw coming this time last year. I feel more aware now of things, a better idea how to proceed. The past with its losses and regrets will always be there. But at least now I feel I can do better, be better going forward.

So as usual there's the unknown for the next 4 seasons. Somehow or other I hope to get there from here. Stuff I can't control, stuff I can effect. Personal projects to work on, some a bit more specific and important.


I was trying to eat supper tonight but it was nearly impossible thanks to ATV 6 o clock news. Lead story lice. Second story syphilis. Thanks for the double gross out ATV. Very poor production and editing. I turned ATV off before they made me throw up.

They should have had those stories later in the show when fewer people were eating, also spaced them out more. Also the syphilis story was low content fluff and hardly necessary given there was already a gross out lice story in the broadcast.

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