Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Walking Dead

I caught season 1 of the Walking Dead recently. It's another one of those cable series.

It was pretty good. Only 6 episodes. Season 1 takes place outside Atlanta and features the time of the zombie outbreak / takeover and how a band of survivors from a small town manages. The central characters are two of the deputies from the small town and the wife of one of them. The wife and one deputy believe that her husband the other deputy is dead when the town was overrun. As it happens he survived and catches up to them later in their camp in the woods at an abandoned quarry. During that time while husband was believed dead the wife and the other deputy were romantically involved. So that complicates things and creates tension.

There are other characters along the way and since it's zombies there are just swarms of people dying every episode along with new survivors they meet along the way. It was interesting the characters are basically a random cross section of society featuring a racist, an abuser, some weak, average looking, elderly etc. It's not all the brave, strong, and buff which makes it darker. Although there is some eye candy.

It was well written, tense, and compelling. I will watch for season two.

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