Friday, October 28, 2011

Knock 'em Flat Pat

I didn't realize until recently Pat Buchanan is online. There's a name from the past. His writing is pretty good. He uses an interesting style. He has toned down the rhetoric from the past and his posts come across as more academic. Layout out facts and arguments and letting the reader draw his own conclusion.

Pat was part of a great era on The McLaughlin Group. I think that show is still on but I can never find PBS I'm not sure if I even get it. Anyway the best lineup was Pat, Mort Kondracke, Fred Barnes, Jack Germond and Elanor Clift.

Of course Pat's finest moment was the 1992 Republican Convention speech. From 2:00 to around 2:20.

That was a good time 1988-1992 in American politics. So many colourful and unlikely characters. Michael Dukakis, George Bush I, Willie Horton, Dan Quayle, Buchanan, Ross Perot, David Duke, Bill Clinton, Admiral Stockdale.

With the economy still struggling US politics may get more interesting again. In the last couple years we've seen first the rise of the Tea Party and now on the other ideological side Occupy Wall Street may yet translate into a real political force.

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