Monday, October 10, 2011


The usual bogus lawsuits.

Mom suing kids for parent support. This lawsuit is bogus. The reason child support exists is because children cannot go to work to support themselves. Thus their parents are responsible to provide for them until they are 18. At age 18 they are considered adults and are considered capable of going into society to support themselves through their own labour.

Now the parents of adult children are of course adults. Thus they are expected to take care of their own personal finances and the grown children are free to choose what level of support if any they provide to their aged parents. The adult children are already legally supporting their own children and they can't be expected to also support some other generation. The thing is the adult children chose through their own actions to be parents. Thus they would be required to deal with the consequences of this decision such as child support. However they did not choose their parents thus there would be no legal obligations. Also the parents as responsible adults would be expected to save for their retirement. If they chose not to then that cannot be their adult childrens problem.

On the face of it in this case it looks bad for mom. Perhaps she burned her bridges along the way with her 5 kids and if they don't want anything to do with her now at age 73 ... Typically a good reason to have children is that hopefully at least 1-2 of them will be virtuous, employed, not in jail, motivated to help you, and still in the neighbourhood when you are old. In any case whatever grown children do for their parents is strictly voluntary.

Ohio prison system implements Sharia. Disgraceful! If a criminal doesn't want pork chops for supper then he's free to fill his plate with veggies or just go hungry. Since 1776 who has done more to build Ohio and make it great? Christian pig farmers or muslim criminals? Incredibly the state of Ohio has thrown their own farmers under the bus to avoid a confrontation and sided with Islam. This is tyranny in the United States.

Not looking good for Christians in Egypt. 8 million Copts. 72 million muslims. Their fate will likely be that of the Christian minorities in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, etc - exile and extinction. They cannot win a war of attrition. Maybe like the Serbs they will be able to concentrate on some land and hold that but mid to long term it is not promising for this courageous and devout people.

Finally occupy wall street. That's an interesting match the anarchists who presumably want no government whatsoever and the social activists who want a dramatically expanded government to assume responsibility for providing all the people with employment ($20 an hour minimum wage), no cost to the patient health care, no cost to the student education, affordable housing (hey for the trifecta let's demand it be no cost to the homedweller), cancelling of debts, etc. I'm not sure how they plan to make all that work but who knows maybe they will come to control the levers of power - I hope not.

I was opposed to the original wall street bailout as it rewarded bad behaviour (like granting $300k mortgages to $8 an hour hairdressers to speculate in the red hot housing market of 2001-2007). Those firms who participated in evil and became personally wealthy off it should have been allowed to fail like Lehman.

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Anonymous said...

Child support continues when the child goes on to a post secondary institution.

Did you even read the whole pork story?
"Ironically, the inmates' lawsuit doesn't involve pork at all; it demands that non-pork meats like beef come from animals slaughtered according to Islamic law. But the prisons system responded by simply removing pork as an option altogether." They accommodate Jewish laws. Obviously you didn't read it all when you make such statements that have nothing to do with what was actually written.
Why do you think the pig farmers are Christian?

People have been taken advantage of for a long time in America. The American dream is a shame to give the truly hopeless false hope and to pit the majority against each other. If you aren't living the American dream then you must be doing something wrong.
Slaves, indentured servants, women, minorities, undocumented workers. America (Canada included) has been built upon the backs and lives of these people; of course there will be a revolution. It's not if but when.

There have been studies and research which suggests that by altering this system of paying only the top workers, instead paying front-line workers a living wage, cities and industries would actually make MORE money. It sounds backward to economists, which is why it doesn't get much airplay among the pundit circuit (and thus the media overall). The Great Reset by Richard Florida is a lucid reader on this (and other) theme(s).

I think you should start reading a variety of stories from other news sources not just yahoo. You are more jaded and narrow minded than ever.