Sunday, November 13, 2011


I heard Atlantic Lotto is interested in interactive tv gambling. Sounds dodgy to me. So I guess the idea is that during commercials people will flip over to some ALC gambling channel and take a few slots spins for real money during the commercial break using the remote control? Maybe if you're settling in to watch Hockey Night in Canada flick over to the ALC gambling channel to make some zero research bets on the games about to start.

Also with ALC they are interested in expanding beyond Atlantic Canada. Sounds like another bad idea. The only reason they are successful in Atlantic Canada is because they are a government enforced legal monopoly. If they have to compete with other operators public and private I think they will lose their shirt. Additionally if they seek new markets outside Atlantic Canada that would effectively open up their own currently protected home turf to other operators. So we could see like US powerball coming into corner stores and siphoning ALC's profit base.

The fundamental issue with ALC flatlining profits is that the Atlantic population is stagnant / declining. In general the average annual per capita profit will be some fixed amount. Now with declining population the only way to increase profit would be to extract yet more losses from the existing pool of players which would be bad (at least for the donators), or cut ALC spending perhaps reduce unproductive overhead like gambling education and addiction treatment.

I was pleased to see Halifax Mayor Kelly finally found a backbone and evict the occupy Nova Scotia eyesore tent city / shantytown. Good riddance little Haiti. Long overdue. What do you think would happen if I tried to pitch a tent down on Point Pleasant Park? The cops would bust my ass and have me in handcuffs before the tent was even up. So why was this special group above the law and allowed to camp out indefinitely on city land?

As for their claim to represent 99% of the population - make it 98%. I'm not in the 1% of wealth but I certainly do not identify with or support the occupy crowd in any way. I think that their 1% number is actually the percentage of the population who support the occupiers.

And lol at the adult woman they showed on tv that night bleating that after the tents were torn down she doesn't have anywhere to go. Honey you're an adult and if your housing plan was living in an illegal tent city ... well illegal tent cities have a way of being torn down at any time and you knew that. So screw you it's your problem not the police, not the government, not society.

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I hate to tell you but you are in the 1%.