Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Halifax council makes the wrong choice - as expected

So Halifax council arrogantly rejected $400k from Molson to sponsor the oval. Terrible decision. The beer companies sponsor all kinds of all inclusive events including natal day. So now our choice is for the taxpayers to come up with $400k or accept a crappier oval experience.

Let's look at what big beer has done for sports in Halifax and Canada: built the replacement building for the Montreal Forum, kept the Canadiens in Quebec in Canadian ownership - as opposed to becoming American owned and being moved out of Montreal, brought the Blue Jays to Toronto, sponsored hockey and baseball broadcasts through the years, brought the Mooseheads to Halifax, provide good paying jobs at the Olands plant in Halifax. That's just off the top of my head.

So for all they did and continue to do, for Gloria McCluskey and her ilk to take this attitude today. Disgraceful. But no surprise really. Now they've leapt onto the slippery slope and they won't let up until beer is eradicated and the Olands plant closed. It took a little over a generation with cigarettes and beer is next, followed by lotto, mcdonalds, etc. Soft totalitarianism is on the move and continues its remorseless expansion.

Sigh, but what do you expect in this region from the people who brought us

  • ban on Scott's Turf builder on our lawns - only jurisdiction in the world to ban it
  • destroyed hundreds of student jobs running Lawn Ranger and Weed Man out of business
  • mandatory helmets at public skates
  • 11 year olds in booster seats
  • can't smoke in a bar
  • can't smoke in your own car
  • can't buy smokes at a pharmacy
Anyway enough of this. On HRM election day they all have to go. Every one of them. I will vote against any incumbent starting with honourable Kelly and whoever the local rep is. I hope everyone else does as well.

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Anonymous said...

The Molson bid wasn't for the oval, it was for the events pavilion that will be home to concerts, etc on the commons. The media didn't do a very good job of differentiating the 2.