Saturday, August 11, 2012

is Atlantic Lotto a scam?

For some reason I visited the Atlantic Lotto site They have been advertising heavily.

So I go to the site. The first thing I notice is like a multi minute loading time despite being on high speed.

Eventually the site loads (hint: skip the extremely lengthy intro video) and you get to the questions. I noticed a couple of things.

First of all there seem to be no spelling or grammar errors in the posted questions. Really, on what is presented as an open Internet forum? Let's be generous and assume the questions are edited before posting. Still it is suspicious.

I search on "all categories" sorted by "most recent". Yet day after day there are no new questions posted. Now you might think that's because nobody is asking questions. That is just not true. I submitted two questions a week ago. about the incorrect usage of the term "gambling" (the correct term is "gaming"); and a tough question about what a rip off to the players the proline over under payouts are with a 25+ percent house cut.

No response. I'm wondering if the posted "questions" are just softball shills. I have yet to see a really embarrassing or uncomfortable question to ALC posted to that site.

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