Saturday, August 11, 2012

free $10 on

Speaking of ALC. They did give me $10 yesterday. A nice lady from ALC named Nicole called me and asked if I'd heard about Geosweep. I said I had. Then she asked if I wanted $10 to play it for free. Of course I said sure to the freeroll.

I logged into my account and there was the $10 as promised. The offer was $7.50 for a geosweep ticket and $2.50 for my own use. Since the $10 was transferred in I was free to do whatever I liked with it including just straight cashing it out. But in the spirit of the offer I did get a geosweep geo in Labrador. I used the other $2.50 on two random baseball over/unders which had 75% equity.

Interestingly on one game the line was 1.70 on regular proline and 1.75 for the same game on proline stadium. I was quite surprised to see different prices on the same game, so shop around if you're looking to play proline.

That's now $15 of free wagers I've had on without putting in any of my own money. I would recommend to anyone eligible to create an account there just to get the freerolls.

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