Monday, August 06, 2012

Kool FM Saturdays

The last few weeks I've been enjoying listening to Kool FM on weekend mornings. They have classic American Top 40 with Casey Kasem.

On Saturdays there's a 70s encore from the same calendar week. On Sunday mornings it's an 80s encore. The 80s is pretty good but the 70s one is great. It's entertaining and lol to listen to. The charts consisted of bad singer/songwriter, bad soul, and bad disco. How did these songs become hits? I can't believe people went to Sam the Record Man and paid good money for the singles, or phoned the radio stations and asked them to play this stuff. But apparently they did. Of course within the noise there are few gems, songs that are still great today. The combo of the lolbad and the still greats makes it enjoyable to listen to.

Well if you're up and around on some weekend morning then I highly recommend to turn on 96.5 Kool FM.


I resurfaced on facebook for a little while lately. I was talking to a friend who mentioned his brother, who is also a friend, had bought a motorcycle and posted pics. So I signed in to have a look. The Harley is a beauty I'm jealous but good for him. There have been some tweaks and improvements on that site but all in all I didn't miss much and I'll be planning to drop off again pretty soon. After rejoining pretty much my first act was to delete two off my friends list, getting the number down to 123 now. The correct number is probably somewhere around 100 but that's good enough for now.

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