Monday, September 10, 2012

A proposal

So it's a new school year. Of course there's a new rule now in Nova Scotia. The rule is in school zones where the limit was 50 km/h; now it's 30 km/h. Got that? Yep just what the people of Nova Scotia need, more rules.

So I got thinking, what would happen if a new provincial party appeared. A party that focused on increasing individual freedom and reducing the burden of rules and restrictions on the people. How would this play, is that what the people want. 1% of the vote, 10% maybe, more? I'm not sure. Anyway there are definitely too many rules against the people and if someone had the courage to just come out and actually say it then many people would connect with what. Well here goes, a proposal.

- delete rule that pharmacies cannot sell smokes
- eliminate requirement of grocery stores having separate smoke shop
- repeal rules around corner stores and visual displays of smokes
- lower smoking age to 14

- eliminate 0.05 and lower driving rules. if you're under 0.08 you're fine to drive, no restrictions
- eliminate "check 25" and other foolish rules. if the limit is 19 to buy then check they look 19

- scratch graduated licensing. once you get your license you can just drive
- repeal seat belt laws
- repeal motorcycle helmet laws
- delete confusing 50 = 30 some of the time speed limit

- delete mandatory ski helmet rule
- repeal mandatory cycling, skateboading, etc helmet rules
- eliminate mandatory helmets at public skates


Anonymous said...

Might be prudent to understand the root-cause of the decision to put these rules in place to begin with before campaigning to do away with them. Suspect that somewhere along the way a study concluded that the high cost of health care for those people:
a) dying of lung cancer
b) requiring life-long medical treatment due to motorcycle accident related brain injury
c) etc etc (I am sure you get the point)
..made putting these rules in place seem reasonable...

Just my 2 cents.

delsquared said...

The rules are excessive and not reasonable in a free country. All of those laws were added in the last generation. Canada got by fine for over a century without needing these laws against regular people.

The rules were added because of statism. The remorseless expansion of government into our everyday lives. see