Sunday, September 23, 2012


about Mitt and the 47%. if there was a factual error in the 47 number then why not just post a correction instead of getting all worked up about having to deal with it. otherwise if 47% are paying in nothing and freeriding the other 53% then that's an issue which is worthy of serious discussion.

it took around a century but unionized government public education in Canada has now failed. it has come to this in Toronto. enough of this, there's no hope. at this point the best we can do is just shut down government run education and privatize the whole thing. we couldn't be any worse off.

this week the "leader of the free world" Barack Obama ordered Google to pull a video that Islam disagreed with. Google had the courage to decline. so much for your oath to "defend the constitution" Barack. oh well the 10th amendment went out the window decades ago; so 10th amendment, 1st amendment what's the diff?

I can't believe Pizza Delight is running a new spy music themed commercial. this is so stupid. first of all why have a conspiracy that everyone is in on. who are you conspiring against?

the waste portrayed in these commercials is shocking. all that effort to prepare a good enough to eat meal and then to just waste it. now that it's cooked if you want to eat out why not put it in the fridge and have it tomorrow. the first commercial is even worse where they also write off a knife and a pair of shoes while making a huge mess as the food is intentionally wasted.

it's a shame because Pizza Delight could still do a great family themed commercial around blowing off cooking for a night in favor of a fun dinner at the restaurant. but this cloak and dagger theme with the overproduced music and the ridiculous waste is just poor

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