Monday, October 22, 2012

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

I finished another book recently. It was Daemon by Daniel Suarez. It was a good book.

It's near future science fiction. The author takes some current trends such as 3d printers, botnets, sophisticated viruses such as Stuxnet, identity theft, powerful distributed network computers, parasitism in biology, and big multiplayer online games, computer sunglasses, wearable computers, advances them all a bit, and pulls them together into a fast paced story.

In the book a prominent and wealthy game developer Matthew Sobol dies. Sobol leaves behind a sophisticated computer program in his games called Daemon. The Daemon recruits human operators by offering them a fast track to wealth and prestige to work for the Daemon. It's hard to get into the Daemon's darknet and you have to be ruthless and technically adept to be recruited.

Along the way the Daemon is battled by government forces including the NSA and a mysterious Russian named "Jon". The government good guys face an uphill battle as the Daemon stays a step ahead of their efforts to shut it down before it brings in a new Daemon world order.

It was an enjoyable and fast paced read with a strong ending. It's a two part series so now I'll have to read the next title Freedom.

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