Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Brunswick police state

In New Brunswick it is a crime to shop around for a better price on liquor. This is the law that the elected legislature and their allies the bureaucracy passed against its own citizens
By law, the maximum amount of alcohol that can be legally imported into New Brunswick from another province is one bottle of wine or hard liquor, or 12 pints of beer, which is approximately 24 bottles or cans
Suppose I am fortunate and win say a mid 5 figure prize in the lotto. I decide to host a modest house party to mark my good fortune, my treat. The alcohol shopping list for such an event might look like this.

  • 4 flats of beer
  • 2 quarts of rum
  • quart of whiskey
  • quart of vodka
  • 30 wine coolers
  • 4 bottles of Hochtaler
Around a shopping cart full. Being near the border I decide to take a short trip to Quebec to pick up the liquor there as the price is better. After all it's my money I'm free to shop where I wish within Canada. Incredibly it is a crime in New Brunswick for a private citizen to purchase alcohol for his own private use from other than the government monopoly LC.

This is tyranny. This law is an attack on the peaceful, law abiding New Brunswick freeman. All this does is allow the cops to ignore real crime, avoid confrontation with actual hard criminals, and instead pick on soft middle class targets like "cross border" shoppers within Canada.

Why does the legislature allow it to stand in this form? Who exactly voted this into law? Why doesn't the media and opposition grill the minister every single day about this? What happened to the Constitution and economic union and illegal interprovincial trade barriers.

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Anonymous said...

Not just NB...pretty sure NS has similar laws. I believe many provinces have something similar.