Friday, October 05, 2012

RIP Raylene Rankin

It was a sad story this week about the passing of Raylene Rankin at age 52. I had a couple of thoughts about the Rankins.

I would be happy to never again hear We Rise Again. Among the worst, possibly the worst song of the last generation. It's too bad because most of the Rankin Family stuff is pretty good.

I remember years back when Jimmy left the band to pursue a solo career. In a way it seemed to make sense. Especially if Jimmy was indeed doing the most toward the group's success. Even if that was true, it turned out that as a family act the Rankins had a nice niche with little competition and lots of success. Even if Jimmy was disproportionately responsible for that success. However out on his own Jimmy was just another singer/songwriter from Cape Breton, one of probably dozens trying to make it in music.

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Anonymous said...

John Morris was the heart of the group. When he died, the group died.