Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nova Scotia demographic problems and solutions

In my previous post I discussed the severe problems and bleak future Nova Scotia faces due to a rapidly aging and shrinking population.

The greatest concern is the loss of 2,145 children from a group of 134,000. That's a horrible 1.6% lost in only the last year. If you project the 2,145 forward then in only about 62 years, around 3 generations, there will be no children left in Nova Scotia.

The loss can be attributed to children outmigrating from Nova Scotia with their parents among the 4,300 persons under age 65 who voluntarily left in the last year. Another problem is a low birth rate with more 14 year olds turning 15 than new babies being born.

The thing is, this youth group isn't the baby boomers or the children of baby boomers. So it's a distinct issue from that other major problem of the baby boom population aberration now aging and dying.


So what to do about it? Well I did promise solutions in the title. I got thinking about it the last couple of days and I realized I've actually already offered some solutions here on this site in earlier posts. So here they are.

here's a youth strategy and some ideas to increase the birth rate

here's a plan to shake off the malaise and reinvigorate the population

probably the biggest reason young working people are leaving Nova Scotia and taking their children with them is the severe lack of stable high paying blue collar jobs. here's a plan to reverse that and reestablish industrial and trades employment

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