Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To Heaven and Back by Mary Neal

Another book read. To Heaven and Back by Mary Neal. This was an account of a medical doctor who drowns while kayaking in Peru. She is dead for several minutes before being revived. While dead she is met by spirits and guided to Heaven. In the book she tells her account of being dead and her time in Heaven.

Interestingly, the Heaven part is only a short passage in the middle of the book. The author writes about her life up to the accident, then the accident when she dies, then another major section of her recovery from the accident and her life in the years after.

It was a very good book. The author writes in an accessible style with short chapters and nice spacing between lines and paragraphs. I was impressed by how spiritual the author is even before her experience with Jesus and angels. I would recommend this book even for those who are skeptical or unsure if God is real.

Neal makes an interesting observation that angels can come in different forms, such as through animals. In her case it was an owl. others report crows carrying messages. a mysterious out of place person who comes seemingly unexpectedly out of nowhere at an opportune time may actually be an angel.

It was a good read for me. I grew up going to church and felt I was religious. sometime around after high school it fell away with me and I've been pretty much disconnected ever since. I still go to church a few times a year but I've never gotten back to the connection I had when I was young. This book was good it got me thinking about spiritual things some.

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