Thursday, March 05, 2015

Metro News Halifax sudoku

I was visiting someone at the hospital about a month ago. I ended up waiting in the family sitting room on the ward. There happened to be a Metro News Halifax there. I noticed there was a sudoku puzzle on the last page. With time to fill, I worked on the puzzle. It took a little while as I was rusty but I was able to finish it.

I hadn't done a sudoku in quite a while. At least 6 years or more. Years ago I got a sudoku book for Christmas and on my own I figured out some techniques for solving the puzzles.

Since that time at the hospital I've been grabbing the Metro News each day and doing the sudoku. Metro News is free yay. It's hard to imagine ever paying for a newspaper but that's for another post.

The Metro News sudoku are not difficult. On a scale of 1 to 3 difficulty the puzzles are usually at most 1 star. about once a week there will be a two star where I have to think a bit to finish it. I'm always able to finish the puzzle without getting stuck or having to guess.

To put it another way, more mathematically, at any point in the Metro News sudoku I can always uncover a number. I've got a bit more to say about some math around sudoku but I'll save that for a later post.

Now I was a little surprised talking to someone recently about the daily puzzle. I'm told that her coworker seldom is able to do the sudoku and ends up getting frustrated and throwing the Metro newspaper lol. So apparently many people are unable to finish the puzzle and can only complete the very easiest ones which they run 1-2 times a week.

So I'm offering a service here to people in Halifax. I can solve the Metro News sudoku 100% of the time. For a fee I'll meet with you at some convenient public place like a library. I can show you enough techniques so that you too will be able to solve the Metro sudoku every time.

I can see some use for this service. After all I would think there is some personal satisfaction in going from unable to solve, to being able to solve every time. That would seem to have some value. Maybe you are among a group of people, none of whom can solve it every time. if you suddenly leaped ahead and were able to 100% solve then you may then be seen as smarter than your former equals in this area. is that worth anything? meh, maybe. anyway my email is to the right so drop me a line.

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